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If you’re a homeowner, there’s a good chance you don’t know how does an impact wrench works. Even if you’re a professional contractor, you may not really understand how this tool functions. An impact wrench is a powerful mechanical tool used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts, and it will increase your productivity and efficiency when working on a project.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the inner workings of an impact wrench and explain how it can make your life easier. Stay tuned!

how does an impact wrench work

How does an impact wrench work

Typically there are three types of impact wrenches-

  1. Corded or electric impact wrench
  2. Cordless or battery-powered impact wrench
  3. Air or pneumatic impact wrench

How does air or pneumatic impact wrench work?

An air impact wrench is a more powerful tool that uses compressed air to deliver a sudden impact to the head of a bolt or nut. The amount of torque produced by an air impact wrench is determined by the level of air pressure being used.

The air impact wrench usually generates higher torque by using compressed air pressure. To use an air impact wrench, simply attach it to an air compressor and set the desired level of air pressure. Then, set the wrench on the fasteners that need to be loosened or tightened.
The compressed air will then cause the wrench to rotate, producing the necessary amount of torque. Once the bolt or nut is loosened, release the trigger and remove the wrench. Air impact wrenches are a safe and efficient way to loosen large bolts and nuts.

How does a corded or electric impact wrench work?

A corded impact wrench is a power tool that uses a rotating mass to create torque or rotational force. The rotating mass is attached to an electric motor, which provides the power necessary to rotate the mass at high speeds. The speed of the rotation is used to generate the torque needed to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts.

The advantage of using a corded impact wrench over a manual wrench is that it can generate much higher levels of torque. This high torque makes it suitable for use in applications where manual wrenches are not powerful enough, such as automobile repair. In addition, corded impact wrenches are typically smaller and lighter than their air-powered counterparts, making them easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

How does a cordless or battery-powered impact wrench work?

A cordless impact wrench is a handy and portable tool that uses a rotating mass to create high torque levels. An electric motor generates the rotation, and the resulting impact is transferred to the drive shaft.

This design allows the tool to generate a large amount of torque without needing a heavy, bulky power source. The motor is usually powered by a lithium-ion battery, which makes the tool much more portable than other types of impact wrenches.

When the trigger is pressed, the motor starts to spin. The rotation speed is controlled by a speed controller, which regulates the flow of electricity to the motor. As the motor reaches its top speed, the flywheel starts to spin. This causes the anvil to strike the end of the drive shaft, generating a high level of torque.

The size of the anvil and flywheel determines the amount of torque that can be generated. A cordless impact wrench is a versatile tool that can be used for various applications, such as loosening bolts and nuts, driving screws, and drilling holes.

How do you know an impact wrench works appropriately?

An impact wrench uses a stored energy mechanism, such as a hammer, to create a powerful torque that is released suddenly. This makes it perfect for use in conditions where traditional wrenches struggle, such as when dealing with stubborn fasteners. When using an impact wrench, it is vital to ensure that it is functioning properly.

One way to do this is to check the anvil. The anvil is an essential part of the wrench that actually delivers the blow, so if it is damaged or worn, the tool will not work as effectively. Another thing to look for is any damage to the hose or cord. If there are any frayed wires, this could indicate that the tool is not safe to use.

Once you have checked for any damage, you can test the tool by using it on a small nut or bolt. If it works properly, you should feel a sharp jolt of energy when the anvil strikes. If not, then it is time to replace your impact wrench.

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Some valuable tips to improve impact wrench performance

An impact wrench can be an invaluable tool for a variety of projects. However, even the best impact wrench can run into performance issues from time to time. Keep your impact wrench in top condition by following these simple and effective tips:

  • First, ensure that the bits you are using are clean and properly seated. Dirty or loose bits can cause the impact wrench to bind up and reduce its performance.
  • Second, keep the impact wrench well-lubricated. It is important to apply a few drops of oil to the moving parts before using an impact wrench because it will help to keep them running smoothly.
  • Third, if your impact wrench is corded, make sure the cord is in good condition and not frayed or damaged in any way. A damaged cord can cause the impact wrench to overheat and potentially damage the motor.


Does an impact wrench need an air compressor?

When it comes to the most powerful impact wrenches, there are two main types: air-powered and electric. Air-powered impact wrenches require an air compressor to operate, while electric impact wrenches can be plugged into a standard outlet. Both types of impact wrenches are capable of delivering a high amount of torque, making them ideal for loosening or tightening large nuts and bolts.

However, air-powered impact wrenches tend to be more powerful than their electric counterparts because of compressed power, which will help to increase their power and performance. As a result, they are often the preferred choice for mechanics and other professionals who regularly use impact wrenches. In contrast, an air compressor is not necessary for an electric impact wrench.

Will a cordless impact wrench remove lug nuts?

A cordless impact wrench is a tool that delivers a high torque output with minimal effort from the user. It is powered by a battery, making it much more portable than a traditional air compressor-powered impact wrench. Cordless impact wrenches are often used in automotive applications, such as changing tires or removing lug nuts.

While they are powerful tools, cordless impact wrenches are not always the best choice for removing lug nuts. The amount of torque a cordless impact wrench can generate is limited by the size of its battery.

As a result, large lug nuts may require multiple batteries to loosen. In addition, cordless impact wrenches can be expensive, so it is essential to consider whether the convenience of portability is worth the extra cost.

For most people, a cordless impact wrench is an excellent addition to their toolkit, but it is not the best option for every task.


An impact wrench is a great tool to have in your repertoire for those heavier-duty jobs. By understanding how an impact wrench works, you can use it more effectively and get the job done more quickly.

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